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A Message for Those Touched by the Darkness…

Christmas doesn’t work for everyone

By Ruth Burgess (Spill the Beans)

Christmas doesn’t work for everyone, does it, God? For a lot of people Christmas is sad and full of bad memories. For a lot more Christmas is cold and hungry, and lonely. Help us, God, to watch and to listen: to watch out for people who might need our help, to listen to people who tell us their stories. And even though it’s Advent and we’re supposed to be watching and listening, it’s OK to act too, when that’s what’s needed. It’s OK to cry and to talk about sad stuff and to love and listen. It’s OK to give someone cash for their meter or food for their table. It’s good to share our resources. Christmas doesn’t work for everyone, does it, God? But it might work a bit better if we looked for You in the people around us, as well as in the manger.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

As Ruth Burgess articulated in her poem, Christmas doesn't always feel entirely joyful or hopeful. It can feel lonely or burdensome, bring up past hurts or highlight current ones.

Beloveds, God is with you through every difficulty; nevertheless, we often need the support of one another as we face challenges - emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you would like to connect with someone for support right now, Trinity has trained Pastoral Care Ministers (PCMs) and Stephen Ministers who can listen and walk with you. Find out more on Trinity's website or contact

  • This year, the Women of the ELCA (WELCA) are hosting a Blue Christmas service on Tuesday, December 21 at 5 PM CST via Zoom. This service “offers a safe place to bring your grief, fear, and loss.”

  • Trinity Lutheran will have Christmas Eve services at noon, 4PM, 7PM (livestream) and 10PM. Find out more about the different services.

This Advent season, we have focused on the image of a door and the theme of making “Room at the Inn.” If you feel sad, hurt, lost, lonely or unwelcome, know that there is always room for you in God’s kingdom. Christ invites each of us with unwavering love and welcome amidst a hurting world - and calls us to extend that love and welcome with one another.

God peace be with you,

Pastor Jenna and Pastor Hector


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