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Inclusive Language in Worship (and Elsewhere!)

As Trinity Lutheran Church & Schools continue to live into our mission and values, the worship team and pastoral staff are exploring various ways to implement them in our Sunday worship.

We continue to use various Bible translations, including "The Inclusive Bible," which helps to live into our value of inclusion in worship and liturgies. You may have also noticed a change to the way the Lord's Prayer is printed in the bulletin: "Our Father/Mother/Creator in heaven..."

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus addressed God as Abba, "father." This address does not ascribe a male gender to God but is an intimate address that is suggestive of the loving and trusting relationship between parent and child. (from ELCA Worship Resources FAQ: "How is Language Used in Worship?")

As you join your brothers and sisters in the words of the Lord's Prayer, you are invited and encouraged to use the language, translation and word for God that the Spirit places on your heart.

We pray that we will continue to live into our values, exploring new ways to serve ALL the people of God through our gatherings, liturgies, rites, songs, and prayers.

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