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Neighbors in Need Report + April 13, 2024

We had an early rush on Saturday morning. Our breakfast team from Edmonds Universalist Unitarian Congregation were ready for them. They prepared and served 120 burritos. Thank you also to our EUUC partners for their monthly donations of cheese, oranges, hot and cold cereals and cases of tuna fish packets. Anyone who has shopped for groceries in the recent past knows that these are powerful gifts.

Speaking of the cost of food,  we are grateful to Advocates Recovery Services. Our Neighbors love those sandwiches. Thank you also for a full case of coffee beans. Stop by for coffee.  We serve the best! Tony and ARS make us look high class.

Nurse Gail with Mercy Watch was with us. She was busy the entire morning evaluating new wounds, chronic ailments follow up, and especially convincing our Neighbors to take their meds and to keep follow up appointments. Their respect for her prolongs their lives.

Good News!!  

Volunteers of America has asked our resource table to help Neighbors accurately fill out housing applications. Case managers are being assigned and the too many steps are being completed to qualify for housing. This is a partnership that helps us feel like more than a "band-aid".

Thank you.... 

Thank you to the several Neighbors and NiN volunteers who attended today's memorial for Daryl Bertsch. Seriously - it was a gift to meet his family. They wanted to hear our stories about our friendship and our care for Daryl. Our Neighbors had just the best  It was a sacred afternoon.

This photo includes his mom and sister, his daughter, his daughter's mother, and their grandchildren. We soaked up their gratitude for our friendship with him and we truly enjoyed connecting with those who had loved him.

We are family


with NiN leadership

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