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NiN Weekly Report + August 12, 2023

Another busy day, but a smooth, pleasant day. Our pantry gave out 57 grocery bags and 3 family boxes.

Thank you to Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation for preparing burritos this morning! Also we thank your team and your congregation for your regular full month’s supplies of tuna packets, breakfast cereals, cheese sticks, mandarin oranges and beverages. This nutrition is literally life giving to our Neighbors.

There was a very long line at our clothing area this morning. The hot weather is clearly requiring cooler clothing. It takes quite staff to run our clothing department. Rick and Peggy serve as “personal shoppers” for each Neighbor. (This is surely loving care for our Neighbors, but just as important, it allows for fair distribution of the much needed clothing.) Many thanks to Esther for sizing and labeling the donated clothing. Her work directly contributes to the success of the clothing area.

Do you remember Clara? She is the very small but super assertive older woman who attended every Saturday in our pre-Covid days. She visited today! She is bright and healthy. She no longer uses a walker and had no interest in “hoarding.” She had hugs for everyone. It sure was fun to catch up with her.

We are so grateful to so many TLCS members who are coming in to help during this month of vacations. Your help is giving us a great month. We hope your gift of service has been worthwhile for you.

In gratitude,


For NiN leadership

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