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NiN Weekly Report + July 2, 2023

Welcome to July! Will the second half of the year pass as quickly as the first half?

It was a busy morning and a bit of test. A few of our Neighbors were grouchy and demanding. Special thanks to every volunteer for your patience and generous care.

Special thanks to Nurse Gail, from Mercy Watch, for being with us this morning. She spent her morning in deep listening, not only to physical pain, but to heart pain. It was God given that she was with us this morning.

Tony, with Advocates Recovery Services, stops by every Saturday morning. He brings a representative of free cell phone services, and he regularly brings generous donations of popular hoagie sandwiches. This morning he was able to connect with a young man to be placed in a clean and sober house and to find placement for a young woman in a detox facility. It was an especially good morning for him to be with us.

Tony and Cathy prepared burritos this morning. Even our “grouches” said they enjoyed them. We actually ran out at the very end of the morning.

Our pantry provided food bags for 54 Neighbors and food boxes for 3 families.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our Neighbors to be safe and to be restored.

  • Pray with Kevin for a good month of July, for his van to be fixed at an affordable price, a financial windfall, safety for his children, safety in the streets, and a clear path to school.

  • Eric is grateful for our prayers for his uncle Bill. “The prayers are working!” Uncle Bill’s medical team have diagnosed an auto-immune condition that can be successfully medicated.

Dental Van

The dental van will be with us on Saturday, July 22. Our Neighbors have been very happy with the care they have received from this team. Flyers below. Please share with you congregations and neighbors who made need help with dental care.

English Editable Flyer Dental Van
Download PDF • 506KB
Spanish Editable Flyer Dental Van
Download PDF • 509KB

Men’s Clothing

We still need clothing for men, especially jeans, belts, and shoes. If you are closet cleaning, please remember our Neighbors.

Enjoy the 4th of July holiday!!

We wish you peace


For NiN leadership

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