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Trinity Preschool Director Search

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation to:

TLCS Preschool Director - Position Description FINAL
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Trinity’s Focus

Together in Jesus Christ, we are called to build up and join in God’s mission as one to nurture, love, and serve all. [More info:]


The Preschool Director (Full-time, 1.0 FTE) is responsible to Jesus Christ through the congregation and Trinity Lutheran Church and Schools (TLCS) leadership. This position reports directly to the Lead Pastor.


The Director serves Trinity Lutheran Preschool to develop and implement a comprehensive preschool ministry that is fiscally sound while maintaining high quality early learning Christian education. The director is willing to respond to the ever changing context and embraces the diversity, richness of gifts, backgrounds, and resources in the community.


  1. Christ-Inspired service in our community (Local and Global)

    1. Maintains a positive system of communication between preschool staff and families seeking to teach and model the Christian faith through action and attitude while treating all children and their families with dignity and respect.

    2. Plans a Christian, faith-based, age-appropriate curriculum that aligns with the current needs of the community/population and the congregation.

    3. Seeks to engage with the community in service projects that build the community up locally and globally.

  2. Inclusion of all people

    1. Practices cultural sensitivity, compassion, inclusion of all people.

    2. Identifies special needs of children and consults with parents, offering referrals of appropriate agencies to provide proper assistance.

    3. Ensures the safety of all staff, students, and families by creating an environment that fosters mutual respect, celebration of backgrounds, and learning.

    4. Strives to hire a quality staff that reflects the cultural diversity of our community.

  3. Impactful relationships with one another that provide support for life’s journey

    1. Creates an environment for meaningful relationships that foster mutual accountability, accompaniment, and spiritual and child developmental /cognitive growth.

    2. Models and fosters relationships between parents, students, the TLCS Child Development Center, and the worshiping community by instilling and sustaining a culture of collaboration within and among those groups.

    3. Develops relationships with the community at large.

  4. Faith-Based communal experience of worshiping and learning together

    1. Develops and maintains positive communication between preschool staff and families seeking to teach and model the Christian faith through action and attitude, while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

    2. Creates a supportive and loving atmosphere in the preschool, which reflects the Lutheran understanding of the Christian faith.

    3. Develops partnerships with pastors, Minister of Faith Formation, and other leaders involved in the church’s educational program for young children, to ensure a collaborative relationship.

    4. Works with teachers to develop and implement appropriate Christian-based activities.

  5. Multi-Generational ministry relevant to all ages and promoting relationships across generations

    1. Plans family engagement experiences, and facilitates activities that foster relationships across generations to help learn from one another.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Manages all facets of the preschool, including administration, spiritual leadership, educational leadership, and employee management while carrying the mission, policies, and procedures of the preschool. This includes hiring, evaluating, and training preschool staff.

  2. Responsible for all financial management and operations of the preschool; which include annual budget preparation, collection of tuition and data based record keeping, while submitting financial records to the Trinity Lutheran Church and Schools administrator and financial bookkeeper.

  3. Responsible for recruitment, admission, enrollment, public relations, communications regarding preschool enrollment.

  4. Participates in the TLCS staff meetings representing the preschool within shared ministries, opportunities within the church, and to the surrounding community.

  5. Ensures the safety of all staff, students, and families.

Skills & Qualifications

  1. College degree in Early Child Education (ECE), preferred.

  2. Minimum of two years experience (school based) with children aged two to five.

  3. Demonstrates professional attitude, cultural sensitivity, compassion, and self-initiated leadership.

  4. Possesses practical knowledge of bookkeeping, administrative skills, office management skills, and efficient organizational skills.

  5. Possesses current Basic First Aid Certificate and CPR for Children Certificate, bloodborne Pathogen Training and shows evidence of freedom from TB. We will follow CDC and local health department guidelines for COVID-19 guidance. The State of Washington requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

  6. Can successfully pass a national criminal history background check.

  7. Is at least 21 years of age.

  8. Is an active member of a Christian congregation.

  9. Attend worship services at TLCS when possible.

  10. Provides three letters of recommendation from a pastor, former or current employer, and an ECE professional reference.


  • $55,000 to $65,000 depending on experience and qualifications.

  • 6% pension.

  • Additional benefits, including medical benefits, to be negotiated.

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation to:

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