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Weekly Report + December 23, 2023

We had a lower count today. This was a surprise to all of us. Our pantry handed out 50 bags of groceries.

The team from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church served 84 plates of biscuits and gravy, sausage patties, juice and milk, plus an abundance of burritos. 😍 This team puts in a long morning cooking, welcoming Neighbors as they serve each plate, then washing many , many dishes, pots and pans. We are truly grateful.

It was Christmas for our Neighbors! AJ and Esther handed gift bags to each Neighbor. The bags included gloves, socks, hats, hand and toe warmers, a variety of snacks and gift cards.

Preparing these gift bags is a big project! Thank you to everyone who donated gifts, gift cards and A LOT of time.

Of course, we enjoy our relationships with our Neighbors, but on an occasional Saturday, one or a few Neighbors test our sainthood. We are all blessed by the patience and love that our volunteers offer when issues arise or a mess is made. You are love in action.

Merry Christmas!


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