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Women in the Holy Land

Greetings from… Minneapolis!

I am currently on my way to the Holy Land along with 21 other women joining together for a unique journey: Embodied: Women in the Holy Land.

I first heard about this trip through Elias Tours from a friend, mentor and ministry colleague whom I have known for over 12 years. As soon as I read the brief description for the trip, I knew I didn’t want to miss it.

As a Christian, a woman and a pastor, I’m grateful for this opportunity to celebrate, honor, and learn about the unique experiences of women in the Holy Land as part of my continuing education.

For the next ten days of our travel together, we will visit sites in and around Palestine and Israel with a focus on the role of women in these places - historically and today. Based on our two pre-trips Zoom meetings, I anticipate that we will engage with places as “sightseers” and “theologians,” but also interact with local people - particularly women - as fellow world citizens and people of faith.

As soon as we land in Tel Aviv on Friday morning, we will meet up with our trip leaders, ELCA pastors Meta Herrick Carlson, Jenny Sung and Natalia Terfa, as well as our guide, Mary (who is one of the few local female guides in Israel). And I fully expect we will hit the ground running!

I will share daily posts from my experience through social media (also shared on Trinity's Instagram and Facebook) and invite you to join me in this journey for the next ten days. I also encourage you to interact! If you have questions or curiosities, please send me a message; I would love to hear from you.



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