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At Trinity Lutheran Preschool...

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Our literacy rich preschool is a joyful, busy place where children develop relationships, explore, negotiate, and learn through play.

We develop classroom communities with a Christian focus that are warm, stimulating and respectful, in which children can thrive and learn. Our curriculum is  planned to engage children’s intellect, curiosity and imagination. 

Our Program:

  • Promotes hands-on learning experiences

  • Supports emergent reading and math skills

  • Prepares children for Kindergarten and their future

  • Fosters belonging and social confidence

Our Classrooms:

  • Includes caring and experienced educators dedicated to supporting children and families

  • Provide a safe and engaging environment for children to learn and grow

  • Encourage exploration and well-being outdoors


When I Play,
I Learn.

Children learn best by playing and following their own curiosities, by solving real problems such as how to balance a stack of blocks, or how to negotiate a zipper, put together a picture puzzle, and most of all, by making mistakes and trying again. Children need time to grow, to learn, and to develop. This happens largely through play.

Cooperative play skills; a love for learning; skills to make friends; solve social problems through negotiation with friends; understand empathy for others

Learning; self-awareness; skills to regulate emotions; vocabulary to name and understand emotions; appropriate behaviors; lengthen attention span; share and cooperate with others

Weekly chapel worship; "Beginner Bible" stories and discussion; singing Christian songs; educational support for a family in Tanzania; introduction to prayer; grace before snacks; interacting with teachers who model love; acceptance and forgiveness

Literacy (the ability to communicate with others through speaking, listening, reading & writing); Science (cooking, gardening, experimenting, Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom); Math (organizing information; comparing amounts; logical thinking; number recognition and more)

Fine Motor (cutting with scissors; playing with play dough; painting; writing with various utensils; correct pencil hold; putting puzzles together; hand-eye coordination); Large Motor (spacial awareness; easel & finger painting; coordination & balance; running, hopping, jumping, throwing, catching & climbing)

Art (open-ended creative individual art experiences including painting, collage, cutting and pasting, working with a vast array of materials); Music (group and individual music experiences including singing, instruments, listening); Dance (informal movement with music that allows a child to express themselves, experience rhythm, and develop balance & coordination); Drama (opportunities to use imagination; learn how it feels to 'be' someone else using dramatic play centers, puppets and acting out stories)


Classroom Routines.

Each child is greeted by their teachers, puts their backpack and coat in bin, washes hands, signs in and explores the learning centers.

Share group time as we explore our week’s focus and learn new vocabulary thorough discussion and participate in literacy activities.

Our weekly chapel experience includes a bible story, discussion, Christian songs and prayer.

Centers and Art
Children investigate a variety of learning centers. Centers may include blocks, fine motor activities, games, math manipulatives, dramatic play, books, sensory table, puzzles, Legos/Duplo's, play dough, easel painting and art, science experiences and a whole lot more.

Outdoor Classroom

We play outside most days. Please dress your child for the weather. The gym is an alternative if weather is extreme.



Every child is responsible to help pick up and organize the room. 



Engaging group story time is provided every day. Children experience a wide variety of children’s literature from our over 2,000 titles library.


Music experiences may include singing, finger plays, instruments, creative movement and dance.



Children enjoy a healthy snack from the approved snack list after hand washing and table grace. Each child takes turns to bring snack for their whole class.​


Dismissal A short ending circle reviews the day. We dismiss each child one by one from the circle.

playground 2_edited.jpg

Outdoor Classroom.

The outdoor playground at Trinity was designed specifically for us to connect children to nature and to develop foundational skills important in early learning. Our playground includes a variety of loose parts which are necessary for high-quality play experiences. They allow children the freedom to be creative, curious and imaginative.

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