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Trinity Lutheran


registration & tuition.


School-year Registration.

  • ​Tours (call 425-771-8433 to schedule) and Registration Packets are available to the community.

  • $250 non-refundable Registration Fee will be invoiced on Brightwheel once you create your account.

  • ​Print, fill out, and mail or drop off registration packets to secure a spot for your child.

  • Completed registration packets can be dropped off by appointment.

Class Offerings.

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​Please call (425-771-8433) to confirm your schedule of choice is available before filling out registration paperwork.


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Offered 2-5 days a week;

your choice of schedule

Must be 3 years old by

December 31, 2024


9:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Offered 3-5 days a week;

your choice of schedule

Must be 4 years old by

August 31, 2024

Tuition & 

Days Per Week
Price Per Month
Early Arrival Fee
Lunch Bunch Fee
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day

$250 non-refundable Registration Fee will be invoiced on Brightwheel once you create your account.

Total annual tuition is divided into 10 equal payments, due by the 5th of each month, and ​collected through Brightwheel. See the Contract of Admissions for details

brightwheel app.png

Trinity Preschool is proud to use brightwheel to help our teachers  stay better connected with families. 

What is brightwheel?

​Teachers use brightwheel for recording and tracking daily events and activities in the classroom and managing administrative tasks. As a parent, you’ll get private, real-time updates on your child delivered to your mobile device throughout the day.

  • PHOTOS. Watch your child's day unfold with snapshots delivered right to your mobile device.

  • STAY CONNECTED. Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities at home. Get notifications for photos, notes, and check-ins.

  • MESSAGING. Leave notes for your teacher when your child is sick or running late.

  • PAPERLESS BILLING. Secure, online system for receiving invoices and receipts for tuition, as well as paying bills digitally. (No more checks!)

Why use brightwheel?

Parents report that the peace of mind brightwheel delivers is invaluable! We know it’s tough being away from your little one all day, especially in these early years. With brightwheel you’ll feel connected and engaged with your child’s development on a whole new level.

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