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Invitation to Lent 4: "I'm Fixed Upon It"

Dear Siblings in Christ,

We begin the fourth week of our journey with Peter during this Lent. We continue to reflect on how our daily experiences are opportunities to figure out faith.

After Peter had declared that Jesus is the Messiah, the man who they had been praying and waiting for a long time, Peter felt the need to stop him from doing what the messiah was going to do.  

This coming week we will reflect on how we, like Peter, react as Jesus foretells his death and resurrection. Peter protests, so we do. Peter is fixed upon the way he thinks things should go, and he resists the pain of what will come.

Losing a person or anything that has had an impact on our lives is not easy.  We resist because we do not want to lose it. But what is the difference with Jesus? Or maybe, the question is what needs to be a different way to hear Jesus' words even when we do not like them?  

I invite you to ponder the following questions and prepare for the Sunday gathering:

  1. We may want to take the easier path, the path with less pain. We may want to cling to easy or simplistic answers. Instead, what does it look like to welcome complexity? 

  2. Can you stay fixed upon your convictions while also expanding your perspective?

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Blessings!

Your sibling and servant in Christ, 

Pastor Hector

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