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Reconciling in Christ Sunday: What to Expect

Dear siblings in Christ,

Grace and peace to you from our God, the creator, and the Lord Jesus, our brother.  

As we heard last week, on January 28 (this coming Sunday), the congregation will join many congregations around the country in lifting up and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) movement through the organization Reconciling Works (RW).  

TLCS became an RIC congregation more than two decades ago. We are on a continuous journey, recommitting ourselves to the promises made in living out our Reconciling in Christ status. We hope to expand the congregation's vision and embrace God’s greater vision for all creation included in the body of Christ.  

The RIC status is not a destination but a journey for discernment, reflection, and growth.  As a congregation, we have embarked on a journey to expand our understanding of what it means to be reconciling, inclusive, and always becoming.  

This Sunday, we will use portions of a liturgy provided by Reconciling Works that reflect a diverse approach to expressing our faith and spirituality. The liturgy includes an expansive language that reminds us that God is greater than our limited human understanding. This liturgy helps us pause, look from a different angle, and ponder how the Good News is heard, communicated, and embraced. Indeed, the Spirit speaks the same message in relevant ways to different communities.

Expansive and inclusive language is our faithful response to the Lord's invitation, call, and challenge to follow God to places we may not know and to be willing never to be the same again. The invitation is always not to judge others or yourself but instead, practice being curious and open to how the Spirit is experienced by others.

You may have questions that seek understanding or are eager to expand your experience of God’s grace. Do not hesitate to contact me or David Horton. We welcome this journey together and grow in understanding God's immeasurable grace, whose emancipatory love is for all and everything in creation.  

In Christ,

Pastor Hector & David Horton

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