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Build Up, Branch Out: Campaign Update

Extraordinary Progress Toward Goals

Thank you again to all who made 2-year commitments towards our Mission Budget and Capital Improvement Project. To date we have received nearly $450,000 towards our Roof (and siding) Replacement Project, over 25% of the $1.7 million goal of the generosity campaign! These “first fruits” gifts will allow us to delay drawing (and accruing interest) on any potential future construction loans related to the roof replacement work.

Speaking of construction, I met with our Project Managers at J2 Consulting (Jens Johansen and Justin Soderland) at the start of the new year, and they have been in contact with our General Contractors, McCleod Construction, who have confirmed availability to get started on the roof project this Spring/Summer. They are currently working on firming up potential timelines, and providing “phasing” options to the project as we are only about 3/4 of the way in commitments towards our $1.7 million goal.

Support the Capital Project

If you would like to make a donation to the capital portion of the campaign, you can make an electronic gift here (select “Capital Improvement Fund”) or drop a check in the offering plate or send in mail (note for Capital Campaign or similar).

Updates to Regular Giving

And, a reminder, If you have not already started or increased your 2--year commitment to the Mission Budget Fund (formerly “general” operating fund) and have any questions about how to change/start your recurring electronic gift, please feel free to contact me ( for assistance or any other questions related to your commitment.

Not Too Late to Make a Commitment

It's also not too late to make a campaign commitment if you are new to Trinity or life was hectic this Fall during the campaign and you were not able to give it consideration; please fill out a commitment card and read more about the campaign online.

Commitment Card Fillable
Download PDF • 1.75MB

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