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Council Meeting Highlights + July 19, 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Trinity's Congregation Council meets each 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend and observe. To speak at a meeting, or with other comments or questions, email the council:

Greetings from the Congregation Council!

Many exciting things involving the congregation are underway.

  • Chris Morris shared about Caring Conversations between ministry groups and Trinity coaches. The focus is on building relationships, support, learning how things are going, and alignment. The goal is mutual support and accountability, as we help each other move forward together.

  • We also received updates from Volunteers of America (VOA) on the Lynnwood Neighborhood Center. Construction of the project, which is on the Trinity property, is planned to start March 2023. Some modifications are planned for the building design, primarily as a reflection of community input. The footprint of the building is unchanged. The list of community partners was pretty impressive, and shared values between VOA and Trinity church and schools were expressed. A project update event for the general community is scheduled for next Tues July 26th at Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, 6-7:30pm.

  • The Generosity Initiative is getting underway! Mark explained the model for the campaign which will support ministry across a span of time - including much needed roof repairs and sustained mission funding. Additional details will be announced soon. The staff and members of the congregation are engaged and will be busy. Support, patience, and grace with each other during this time is invaluable.

Thank you for entrusting us as your current Council. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or your interest in involvement in any of the activities above (

Many blessings to you as we are today graced with perfect weather to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, and to reflect on our appreciation for one another.

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