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COVID Safety Update: Mask Policies Changing 😷

While we have only made minor changes to our COVID Safety policies since Christmas Eve, as you are aware, mask mandate requirements and recommendations have rapidly changed over the past couple of weeks.

While we have been struggling to keep up with all the developments, we have decided that the worshiping side of TLCS is going to follow a gradual easing of restrictions. As you probably noticed, we recently dropped the facial covering requirement for presiders and other speakers during services (except during the Young Worshippers Message), due to ongoing sound issues for those attending in person.

Facial covering requirements will remain in place through March 13 and beginning with the mid-week service on the 16th will become optional.

While mask wearing will become optional, we are committed to promoting our value of inclusion of all people, and no “shaming” for either choice will be tolerated. Most staff members have indicated that they would continue to wear masks for some time beyond the 13th in order to model this principle and as an extra safety precaution.

We will also continue to stream services online (and via phone) for those who are not comfortable attending in-person services without a mask requirement. We will also continue to have an expectation of vaccination and will be hosting a free vaccine clinic on site on March 8.

Coffee hour and other receptions will resume at a later date…we’re currently targeting the Sunday after Easter. We also recognize that there is a significant possibility that mask requirements will return in the future based on the evolution of COVID.

Thank you for your patience with us over the past two years as we’ve attempted to balance safety interests with our desire for creating meaningful faith-based communal experiences of worshipping together.

Grace and peace,

Don Boelter, TLCS Administrator

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