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Invitation to Lent 2: "Rescue Me from Danger"

Here we are. We begin the second week of this Wandering Hearts journey with Peter.  

Last Sunday we reflected on Jesus seeking and calling the disciples. The incomprehensible grace of God who sees beyond our flaws, and wandering hearts, and even our self made image of what we are or not. We were reminded of the new role that we have in God's unfolding reign. 

This week we face the realities of following Jesus. We look at the waves around us, and we may make assumptions of what Jesus expects from us putting our eyes on the things that drive us away from him.  

I invite you to watch this video clip and ponder on the questions below as a way to prepare for the Sunday gathering.

  • Is he trying to prove himself to Jesus by emulating him?

  • Is he earnest and eager, or brash and foolish—or a combination of all these things? 

  • Do you see yourself in any of his actions?

  • What do you think Jesus means by “take heart”? 

  • Is it possible that Peter misinterprets his message and believes Jesus is calling him to “show courage” by stepping out of the boat? Is Jesus inviting them to “show courage” in a different way?

In Christ,

Pastor Hector

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