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Updating Trinity's Constitution & Bylaws

Updated: May 26, 2022

Over the next several months, a task force will be reviewing Trinity’s bylaws and constitution to address some gaps and inconsistencies and to bring our governing documents back into conformity with the current ELCA Model Constitution for Congregations.

To start the process, we need a single, complete, and current document to work from. We recently merged Trinity’s constitution and bylaws into a single, complete document (see notes on the changes). During the congregational meeting on June 12, the congregation will be asked to vote whether to adopt amendments to the ELCA Model Constitution that were approved by the 2019 Churchwide Assembly. Adopting these amendments will give us a current constitution that conforms with the ELCA model.

At the bylaws forum on May 22, we will discuss these amendments and answer questions. We will also discuss our objectives and planned timelines for the bigger effort to ensure that our constitution and bylaws meet the current needs of TLCS. Come join us! With questions, contact President Mark Schmidt (

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