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Step up to the challenge!

Thanks for stepping up!


As people of God, we are called to build up our community, serving locally with open hands to share God's blessings, joining God's mission as one to nurture, love and serve all. Step up to God's challenge!

Walk, run, bike, hike or swim 100 miles (or more!) with family and friends or on your own. Participants seek sponsors to support their challenge, and 100% of all sponsor contributions go to Edmonds and Lynnwood food banks and Cocoon House. All ages and abilities welcome and encouraged!


The challenge runs through Easter 2022 (April 17). 

Sign up above to join the challenge, and keep reading below for further information, instructions, forms and more. With questions or concerns, reach out to challenge coordinator Terry Anderson.


why should I participate?

We live in the most prosperous country in the world. Those of us privileged with shelter and food, many with more than needed, are called to love and share with our neighbors, serving locally with open hands to share God's blessings. 


The pandemic has put a strain on food banks as many are sick, worried about exposure, or out of a job. Hunger isn't just the absence of food, it's the absence of justice. Food is necessary to stay well and for the energy to be productive, and stressing about food is harmful to physical and  mental health, especially to growing children and young people.


Your participation and sponsored contributions to the 100 Mile Challenge will help meet the needs of our neighbors, building up the Lynnwood and Edmonds communities. This Christ-inspired service toward others, and humbly learning to be served in return, is how we learn from one another. 

For participants, regular exercise and getting outdoors helps both physical and mental health, as does connecting with others and having a purpose each day. Wake up each morning with the 100 Mile Challenge in mind!

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how do I participate?

Sign up above to step up to the challenge! Then download the forms to begin tracking your miles and recruiting sponsors. Challenge coordinator Terry Anderson will cheer you on along the way!

Report your progress periodically along the way so we can keep a running total on this page! Each time, simply report any miles and sponsor pledges not previously reported.

While this is a 100 Mile Challenge, you might want to set a goal of 200, 500, 1000 or more depending on your fitness level. In a previous challenge, a 63-year-old man did 1000 miles while a 77-year-old grandma did 200.


You can do any combination of exercises and put in your miles alone, with a friend, or with another family or group - a great opportunity to bring generations together for a shared purpose! You have until Easter 2022 (April 17) to complete the challenge.

I'm not sure if I can walk or run... what could I do instead?

Movement is important for ALL people of ALL ages. Since not everyone walks or runs, a Step Converter helps convert an activity you enjoy to steps, and 2000 steps to equal a mile. 
Here are only a few of the 88 activities you might convert: cleaning house, chopping wood, push mower, frisbee, golf, gardening, hiking.

I didn't start right away... can I still join?

Not to worry! You can sign up any time and do it at your own pace. Remember, you have until April 17 to complete the challenge, so 4-5 miles per week will get you there! 

is there an age limit?

Of course not! In fact intergenerational participation is highly encouraged! Go for a jog or bike ride as a family. Grandparents can take the kiddos for a walk. The possibilities are endless! 

Don't feel like you have the ability but still want to participate? Consider sponsoring a child, grandchild or friend and cheering them on! 

so what's this about sponsors?

Get creative and recruit sponsors to support your challenge! Sponsors can support you with any amount, but a good target is to raise $100 for 100 miles. Children might consider recruiting grandparents or out-of-town relatives. Reach out to your neighbors or friends from outside the congregation. Maybe your co-workers would like to sponsor you! Keep track with a handy sponsor log.

what do I do when I'm done?

Congratulations! You set your mind to something and accomplished it. Huzzah! 

Now is the time to contact your sponsors help them to make their donations (see below). Consider sending them a note of thanks to let them know how much you appreciate their support and contribution! 

If you haven't reported along the way, fill out the online progress report form to let everyone know how you did!

You can also send a note to challenge coordinator Terry Anderson and let her know how many miles you completed and the sponsorships you received in order to keep the tracking up-to-date!

so how are donations made?

Once you finish, you can collect sponsorship money yourself and pass it along to Trinity - or, to make it easier, sponsors can make donations directly to Trinity.


Checks can be mailed or brought to the TLCS office with the memo "100 Mile Challenge" or donations can be made online.

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