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Invitation to Join Living Water

Trinity Lutheran Church & Schools of Lynnwood (TLCS) and Edmonds Lutheran Church (ELC) are looking for other congregations to join us in the ministry of “Living Water.” This ministry works to provide safe and accessible water to our global neighbors. Women and children bear the greatest burden of time and energy hauling water from distant sources, and entire communities suffer from the diseases associated with drinking contaminated water.

We started Living Water twenty years ago by challenging ourselves to donate monthly what we might spend on our coffee habit. Two decades later, we reached a milestone of $1 million in contributions. Now we are asking your congregation to join us in this ministry.

There are many ways to join us in the Living Water Ministry:

  • Start your own Living Water ministry, and we will share what we have learned along the way.

  • Start a monthly Living Water collection and either

  1. participate in monthly Living Water Zoom meetings to help assess and disburse grant requests,

  2. or ask TLCS and ELC to disburse the funds with ongoing accountability to you.

  • Define your preferred level of involvement.

If you are interested, contact Judy Jacobson at

Yours in Christ,

The Living Water Team of TLCS and ELC

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