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Living Water Project Update: Yupural

An update from Water1st International.

Project Completed in Yupural!

Originally, Living Water awarded Water1st a grant to implement a project in Mozambique. However, social unrest has completely destabilized the region and caused the suspension of our program there. With the approval of the Living Water committee, funding was shifted from Mozambique to Yupural. The Yupural project required roughly $40,000 from Water1st to construct and serves 23 households.

In July 2021, the community of Yupural celebrated the completion of its water and sanitation project! In a festive ceremony that recounted the highlights and challenges of the process, the community officially assumed full responsibility for operation and maintenance of its water system. The work does not end with the installation of the last sink and toilet. A water committee pledged to fulfill all duties assigned to them to keep this important infrastructure delivering clean water to every household at the turn of a tap.

One important task is the collection of water fees. Families pay for the water they use each month. Every household has a water meter, which is used to calculate the amount due. The water committee collects the fees at a monthly meeting and reports on income and expenses. Maintaining trust is a key element in insuring people pay their water bill.

The Yupural project inauguration celebration was an opportunity to express relief that the arduous construction process was over. Community members will always look back on the experience with a mix of satisfaction and gratitude. Thanks to Living Water’s support and their own well-coordinated efforts, they have made a giant stride forward in their quality of life.

Read the full report:

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