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Neighbors in Need Report + March 16, 2024

And it was another busy Saturday morning.

Our Neighbors enjoyed special breakfast treats along with their burritos. Thank you to the team from Holy Rosary Catholic Church for adding fresh fruit and bottles of orange juice to their menu. Everyone was truly pleased.

Thank you also to Holy Rosary for donating a very large bag of men's jeans. This gift is a very big deal!!

Our pantry distributed 73 grocery bags and one family box this morning. They were able to add fresh salads and fruits, thanks to Edmonds Food Bank. And Neighbors always look forward to the Hoagie sandwiches that are a gift from Advocates Recovery Services.

Neighbors in Need is made possible because of long term and generous partners. Another partner, the Dental Van was with us this morning. The dental professionals specialized in extractions this morning. They served 9 Neighbors. Several had tolerated severe pain for many weeks. After just a few days, they will be pain free and enjoy much improved general health. The dental van will be with us again on April 20.

Enjoy the gift of this sunshine!

We wish you peace,


with NiN leadership

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