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New Initiative: 4th-Soil Parenting Project

Some exciting news!

Trinity will be participating in the “4th-Soil Parenting Project,” a new learning community with 20 diverse congregations led by Vibrant Faith (a Lutheran-based ministry). It has been known for almost a generation that our age-segregated, church-focused programs are not helping kids or parents to connect to Jesus in ways that sustain deep faith or regular practices.

TLCS will be a part of this learning community for the next three years. In the coming months, we will assemble a team of seven people to guide our learning, implementation and experimentation. The whole process will be guided by a coach from Vibrant Faith.

The project kicks off in April, following Easter, so in the meantime, please pray as we discern our team and prepare to be part of this exciting endeavor. We hope it will lead us and our families to a stronger faith forming congregation.

If you have any questions or are interested to learn more, speak with David Greenlee, Minister of Faith Formation.

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