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NiN Weekly Report + February 25, 2023

We had for-real breakfast this morning!! Thank you to a large team of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church members who prepared and stayed to serve biscuits and gravy in addition to burritos. Our Neighbors were served breakfast on honest to goodness plates and apple juice in real glassware. It was like the “good ole” pre-pandemic days. Thank you so much to the Gloria Dei team and your supportive congregation for the gifts of your hours of time and additional expense. You blessed us all this morning.

Jude and John and their team handed groceries, and Edmonds Food Bank gifts to 45 Neighbors plus two families. (Our count is growing rapidly).

Special Guests this morning included two members of Boy Scout Troop 39 who helped in several areas throughout the morning. We especially thank them for helping Sarah pack hygiene gifts into backpacks for our partners The Hand Up Project to hand out to Neighbors who are living on the streets.