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Update from Trinity Congregation Council Regarding Vaccine Protocols

Council President Mark Schmidt called a special Council meeting on December 7 to discuss vaccine protocols for Christmas Eve services.

Recent input from TLCS staff and the COVID Response Team was an important factor in the council's deliberation. Following extensive discussion and thoughtful comments from all council members, a motion was passed to adopt the following policy:

In order to lovingly care for one another in this community, all in-person worshippers at Trinity who are eligible for vaccination are expected to be vaccinated. The TLCS Church Council, COVID Response Team, and staff arrived at this decision through both prayerful consideration and recognition of available data on best practices for public health. TLCS will continue to offer online worship options for those not yet vaccinated.

This policy will be in effect for all indoor services starting December 15 through the end of the year. Vaccine protocols for 2022 will be decided in January. With questions or concerns, contact Administrator Don Boelter:

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