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Council Meeting Highlights + February 22, 2024

Trinity's Congregation Council meets each 3rd Thursday at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend and observe. To speak at a meeting, or with other comments or questions, email the council:

Greetings from the Congregation Council!

Greetings from your Congregation Council!  

We would like to share these updates from the past couple months.

Council and Committee leadership updates:

  • With support from the Personnel Committee and Paul Delgadillo’s willingness, the Council elected Paul Delgadillo to fill a vacancy on the Personnel Committee.

  • As guided by TLC’s constitution and with support and recommendations from the Nominating Committee, we are grateful to Brent Johnson who will serve on Council through June 2024.  Kristen Lunstrum needed to step down in November from the Council. We are greatly appreciative of the commitment and passion that Kristen has brought the past 2 ½ years.

  • In January and February, the Council discussed and affirmed the slate of candidates for leadership positions that will be presented for election by the congregation on March 10th.

Pastoral office: The Council has been engaged with staff on a common focus of energy on continuing current ministries, during this time of Pastor Jenna’s leave. The Council has also supported the reality that some staff work may need to be temporarily set-aside.  Pastor Hector and the Council have identified some areas that could use Pastoral support, and are engaged with the Synod to discuss options.

Missional generosity: For the past several months, the Council has been discussing how to approach developing a process for the designation of funds for missional generosity.  The Council drafted guiding principles, congregational involvement, and intentionality.  These recommendations will be proposed by the Council at the March 10th congregational meeting.  The Council will also share a specific recommendation about a community ministry to fund for 2024 along with a process to be used for future years.


Weekly church gatherings: The Council discussed the possibility of a second weekly gathering of the church.  The Council discussed wanting to be intentional about reaching out, connecting, and growing. 

Container and vertical gardening: As you may also have been hearing about, the Council has received information and updates on the  pilot container and vertical garden project. The goal is to grow connections, while also growing healthy food.  A working group, including Job Ebenezer who has been involved in these projects in the past, has been meeting since September to consider how this new initiative would align with and support TLCS’ desired impact: being a catalyst of healing and transformation in the community. 

Replacement Alarm System: The Council approved funds to move forward with repairs to the building intrusion alarm system.

Financial health check: Julleen Snyder from Jacobson Jarvis & Co completed a financial health check for TLCS, and delivered a final report in December. The Council reviewed highlights from the report and noted controls in place to protect TLCS organizationally and people individually. One recommendation is to reconvene the Audit Committee and have it review (spot check) financial documents and processes annually.  The report highlights strengths as well as specific areas for improvement which we can act upon. We look forward to this becoming a routine process for the future.

Change to Monthly Council meetings: To accommodate schedules, the Council is temporarily meeting on the 3rd Thursdays (instead of Tuesdays), through June. 

We look forward to talking more at the March 10th Congregational meeting!

In gratitude and appreciation,

Your Congregation Council

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