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Love Fits: Piecing Together Faith

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Summer Worship Series - July 7 to August 11

Love Fits: Piecing Together Faith - July 7 to August 11

Imagine your life as a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, each piece representing the questions we hold about faith, love, and our place in the world. This summer, Trinity Lutheran Church and Schools invites you to embark on a six-week journey through our worship series based on the Narrative Lectionary, "Love Fits: Piecing Together Faith."

From July 7 to August 11, we will dive into the profound themes of 1 John, exploring how each aspect of our faith comes together to reveal a stunning picture of God's love and our transformed lives in Christ. Each week, we'll focus on a different piece of the puzzle, from the centrality of Jesus Christ and God's unconditional love to living out our faith through love, obedience, and overcoming challenges.

Join us as we gather to reflect on these themes and gain a deeper understanding of our faith. Through worship, prayer, and community, we'll see how the pieces fit together, transforming our lives into a vibrant reflection of God's love. Whether you're a long-time member or new to our community, this series offers an opportunity for spiritual growth and renewed connection with God's Word and each other. Let's come together to complete the puzzle and uncover the beautiful message of hope and love that 1 John holds for us.

Week 1: Fitting into Love’s Embrace: Joy Completes Our Faith (1 John 1:1—2:2)

Week 2: Love's Perfect Fit: A Seamless Piece in the Puzzle of Faith (1 John 3:1-7)

Week 3: Pieces of the Heart: Loving Each Other (1 John 3:16-24)

Week 4: The Cornerstone: Divine Love Fits Our Faith (1 John 4:7-21)

Week 5: Spirit’s Embrace: Where Truth and Love Interlock (1 John 5:1-6)

Week 6: Divine Pieces: Love Completes the Narrative (1 John 5:9-13)

Weekly Ritual Action

All are invited to visit the puzzle table in the back of the sanctuary during communion or before or after worship. There, you'll find a blank puzzle piece. Use your creativity to express your thoughts and feelings by writing or drawing, reflecting on todays topic/s based on 1 John. Each piece you add to the growing puzzle represents our faith journey together. Just like everyone brings their own unique experiences and ideas to our community, every piece contributes to the bigger picture of God's love that unites us all. Have fun!

  • Week 1: Fitting into Love’s Embrace.  Prompt: Draw a heart symbolizing joy completing your faith.

  • Week 2: Love's Perfect Fit.  Prompt: Fully color your piece in any way you see fit (one color, two colors or more)

  • Week 3: Pieces of the Heart. Prompt: Write a short phrase or word about how you can show love to others this week.

  • Week 4: The Cornerstone. Prompt: Draw a symbol of divine love fitting into your faith journey.

  • Week 5: Spirit’s Embrace. Prompt: Write a word or phrase that represents truth and love intersecting in your life.

  • Week 6: Divine Pieces. Prompt: Reflect on what "love completing the narrative" means to you and draw a symbol of eternal life.

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