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Neighbors in Need Report + January 27, 2024

Our Neighbors arrived early and stayed as long as possible. They were truly grateful to be in out of the pouring rain. They put themselves to work while they waited for the coffee to brew. With Allen's direction, they set up all the tables and chairs plus all of the serving tables.


Gloria Dei Lutheran was our breakfast team this morning. They serve a full breakfast as well as burritos each morning that they cook. The Gloria Dei team planned on a large crowd this morning and they were absolutely right. There was enough breakfast for everybody - 104 plates.


Our pantry supplied 72 grocery bags plus 4 family food boxes for. This team was busy!! 


Our clothing department is steady-busy every Saturday morning. It takes a team of 5 volunteers just to keep up plus the sorting of donations that Peggy and Sue do on Thursday mornings. As always, they need donated jeans, shoes, and men's underwear. They always can use backpacks.


A job seeker: Colleen ( a long time Neighbor) urgently needs employment. She has been fully employed at an entry level job for two years. She resigned from the job because she had found housing in eastern Washington. She was packing to leave when her car broke down. She is willing to do any caregiving, housekeeping, errand running, or anything else you need so that she can have that car repaired and be on her way to stable shelter. If you need a dependable help her, please get in touch with Joan 206-450-4900


Special thanks to Sheila the registered nurse with Advocates Recovery for spending the morning with us. We had two medical emergencies. She was able to provide care and access emergency resources for each of them.


We wish you peace,



with NiN leadership


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