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Neighbors in Need Report + July 6, 2024

A hot cup of coffee and breakfast were welcome on a sunny and very warm morning. Thanks to the Trinity breakfast team! They served eggs, sausages and hash browns along with burritos. We had rookies on our team this morning. They are now skilled burrito folders.  


Our pantry served 72 Neighbors this morning, offering, as always, bags of non-perishables, salads and sandwiches from Trader Joes, via Edmonds Food Bank, bread from Franz, and bags of fresh salad greens from Trinity's garden.  


The dental van was with us again today. Two dentists worked from 8 AM to 1:30 PM serving 11 patients. Average appointments were taking a full hour to perform extractions and/or fillings. Thank you to Susan for hours of admin work. Such patience!!


There is never an appropriate climate for living on the streets, but our current heat wave is a threat, even to us. Keep our Neighbors in your prayers. Be patient if they are grouchy.

Peace be with you.


for NiN leadership

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