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Neighbors in Need Report + June 1, 2024

Welcome to June!! The morning seemed like a fifth Saturday. Our Neighbors will not see their June benefits for a few days yet. They were grateful for breakfast and groceries. The pantry served 77 Neighbors and one family.

Thank you to Cathy, Dary, Marcella and the rest of the Trinity breakfast volunteers for preparing burritos and serving 100 burritos.

Please take a look at the below invitation and share with your team members. Advocates Recovery Services is hosting a presentation by South County Fire to teach how and when to administer Narcan, APR and AED practices, and use of a tourniquet. These skills can be life savers in all parts of our lives.


Our clothing team is still and always in need of men's jeans and men's shoes.  Men's jeans should be smaller sizes, 30, 32, 34 or 36.  Men's shoes should be large sizes, 10, 11, 12 or 13.  The clothing bank always needs men's underwear.

Special prayers for our unsheltered Neighbors this weekend. May they find dry places of protection from the heavy rains.

We wish you peace,


with NiN leadership

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