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Neighbors in Need Report + June 29, 2024

Northwest Church to the rescue!! On a more than ever busy day, the team from Northwest Church in Lynnwood were hard at work. Not only did they prepare and serve burritos, they helped with setup, coffee serving, grocery bagging, pantry service, clothing distribution and sorting, one on one visiting with Neighbors, and, finally, cleanup. We are truly grateful.


The pantry ran out of bags after serving 85 Neighbors. Thank you to today's pantry team for "punting". They creatively assembled additional bags to serve several more. What a day!


New Team Needed: We are forming a new team to prepare breakfast on the first Saturday of each month. Do you have two hours once a month? It's easy work and the morning is fun. (You will want to stay longer 😊) If you can help, please let us know. Joan at or John at


It's time to acknowledge a couple of very generous businesses...

  1. Cheaper By The Day thrift store across from Fred Meyer in Lynnwood. This store sells clearance merchandise, (much of their inventory is Amazon returns). Peggy and Sue stop in regularly to shop for bargains for our clothes closet. The store's staff know that they are shopping for our Neighbors. They add even deeper discounts. Nice work Peggy and Sue!!

  2. Bella's Thrift Shop is another generous merchant. They also recognize Peggy and Sue. Again, they deepen the discount to benefit our Neighbors. If you are an animal lover, shop at Bella's. Half of their profits go to benefit animal care.


Sheila, with Advocates Recovery Services, was a busy nurse this morning. Besides caring for wounds and general health concerns, she researched resources for Neighbors who are new to this area. Sadly, our homeless population is continuing to grow.


Our numbers grow when we so sincerely want them to diminish. Remember to respect that we offer welcome, friendship, and genuine caring. That's a big deal!

Have a truly fun holiday!

Peace be with you.

Joan with NiN leadership

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