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NiN Weekly Report + February 11, 2023

It was a beautiful morning in many ways, in addition to the spring--promising sunshine. To name a few…

  • We served hot burritos, coffee and mochas, full grocery bags, clothing and blankets to 34 Neighbors and 2 family boxes to Neighbor families.

  • The breakfast team from Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation for preparing the burritos and helping to pack the grocery bags. We look forward to your company every month.

  • Our Facebook page is active. Please follow our page: Neighbors in Need Saturday Morning

  • And our new website is updating every week ( Thank you Sarah for reviving these links and for your weekly updates.

  • How about this hard working team? The youth group at St Hilda St Patrick Episcopal Church held a blanket drive. They delivered a car load of blankets which will surely be welcome during the upcoming cold nights. AND THEN THEY WORKED!! They bagged and served burritos to our Neighbors, organized and stuffed backpacks with safety items, and they ended their morning with us by helping breakdown our tables and chairs. We are honored by your partnership. Please come back soon.

Help Wanted -- Still Needed in Some Areas

  1. Clothing Area: We have a new and super well organized clothing area. It is an opportunity to help our Neighbors (one at a time) to chose what they need and also to listen/bond. This is a truly rewarding service. Rick and Peggy are excellent trainers. You will be an effective servant.

  2. Set Up: Are you available between 7:15 and 8:15? Can you help set up tables and chairs in preparation for serving our Neighbors? (We’ll have hot coffee ready for you)

  3. Break Down: Are you available between 10:15 and 11:00 to help put away those tables and chairs?

  4. Resources: Do you like to visit with our Neighbors? If so, we need you to help them explore their needs and to direct them toward the resources that are available in our Lynnwood & Snohomish County area. We have information for you to offer and we have mentors to help you be even more knowledgeable.

Please ask if you have any questions or suggestions. Joan Jolly:

Memorial for Kelly

We will hold a memorial for Kelly Kingen on Saturday morning, February 18 at 9:30 AM. This will be in the multi-purpose room during our regular Neighbors in Need time together. Members of Kelly’s family will be with us. This is an opportunity to share our memories of Kelly with them. They would so welcome your company.

Joan Jolly For NiN leaderhsip

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