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NiN Weekly Report + February 18, 2023

"Thanks for all your help and hard work." One of our Neighbors wrote this note and handed it to Jude this morning. It’s really special that he took the care to leave a written greeting. We were all uplifted!

It was a very busy day!! Our pantry handed out 40 food bags and 2 family boxes. The burrito crew handed out 100 burritos. Everyone got their steps in this morning!!

The memorial for Kelly was well attended. His mother and her care taker were able to be with us. We saw Neighbors and volunteers that we hadn’t seen since before Covid. It was heartwarming to see so many introduce themselves to Kelly’s mom. We pray that the morning was healing for her. The service was beautiful. Thanks so much to Pastor Hector, Pastor Jenna, and to the Trinity Lutheran Church and Schools staff for the compassion and love. Our Neighbors were vocally grateful.

Remember that we see the dental van on Saturday, March 4. Please spread the word to anyone who may need care. There are still just a few open appointments.

We wish you and our Neighbors a warm, sheltered week.

Joan Jolly For NiN leaderhsip

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