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NIN Weekly Report + January 7, 2023

We had a “sizable” crowd for our first Saturday of the month and the year. Jude, John and their team gave grocery bags to 30 Neighbors and to 3 families.

How is our giving to Neighbors different from giving to families? We volunteers bag ready-to-eat foods for our Neighbors. This includes cereals, “self-heating dinners," individual sized beverages, canned soups, packets of chicken or tuna, nutrition bars, snack foods like chips, fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs and cheese sticks. You get it / no cooking required. Chuck assembles boxes for families that include all of the above but also a variety of items to cook such as pasta, rice, beans, family size boxes of cereals, canned vegetables, and family sized boxes of cereals.

So many thanks to Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation for providing hard boiled eggs, cereals, fresh fruit, tuna and chicken packets and milk. This is huge!!! Edmonds food bank brings us all the rest. John and Brian deliver to us twice on every Saturday morning with the staples, sandwiches, salads and even fresh flowers. It is truly sweet to see when one of our Neighbors choses a bouquet of flowers to take to someone who has been kind to them.

Thank you to Cathy and Tony Pittenger, our Trinity breakfast team, for preparing burritos this morning. Our crowd was hungry! We had fewer than a dozen burritos left to share with the Hygiene Center. Sharon and A.J. broke out the hot chocolate so that our Neighbors could continue to make their mochas.

Prayer requests

  • Kevin continues to ask us to pray with him for clarity of mind, safety on the streets, safety for his children and that financial windfall. Let’s also join him in prayers of thanks for his new apartment that he enjoying.

  • Special prayers of thanks and praise with David Gunderson. His recent shoulder surgery was successful and he is home recovering. Hurry back, Dave – we miss you and several Neighbors are asking for you.

We wish you fulfillment of all your dreams in 2023.

Joan Jolly

For NiN leadership

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