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NiN Weekly Report + March 12, 2023

“There is a lot of guilt when you cannot provide. Sometimes love is just not enough.” This was today’s truth spoken from the heart of a Neighbor.

It seemed like a slow morning. Our food bank team pointed out that it was actually the steady pace. They gave out 39 bags of groceries plus 1 family food box. Once again, there were a few guests who were new to us. Praise God that we can help with a little food and a lot of sincere welcome. Sue had a long visit with a mother/daughter team. The mom has done the “endless detail” work of accessing benefits and resources. Sue was able to refine her efforts and to offer encouraging approval of her research and follow-up. We hope they will be out of their van in the very near future.

Thanks so much to the breakfast team from Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation! Hot burritos are so welcome on a cool, early spring morning.


Please take a look at the attached flyer to advertise a free phone opportunity. If you have access to homeless and/or people who need services, let them know about this program. As we all know, a cell phone is safety and the path to follow-up for all who need help.

Free Phone flier
Download PDF • 143KB

Thank you to each of you for your prayers and service to help our Neighbors

Peace be with you,

Joan Jolly For NiN leaderhsip

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