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NiN Weekly Report + March 18, 2023

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

On such a beautiful spring morning, we served 36 Neighbors and 1 family. Five of the Neighbors who visited us were completely new to our service. Thank you to the food pantry team for making them welcome.

The team from Holy Rosary Catholic Church were our burrito brigade this morning. They slipped into the kitchen, prepared burritos, super-cleaned and were gone! Please know how much everyone appreciates you.

Nurse Gail with Mercy Watch is back from her mission trip to Guatemala and spent the morning with us. She consulted with several Neighbors to be sure they are following up on their medical care as well as staying in touch with their social workers or navigators.

Sue and Mark had a powerful day. A Neighbor had received a “vacate” notice at his apartment building. They were able to secure storage for his belongings and set him up with Hero’s Café to help him access all veteran’s benefits that are available to him. This gave us all a “feel good” morning.

Can you donate? Our Neighbors are always in need of clothing. Please take a look at this wish list.

  • Men’s jeans in sizes 30, 32-34, 36 or 38.

  • Men’s underwear in sizes small, medium or large. (They prefer boxers but will gratefully accept briefs).

  • Men’s coats or jackets, sizes medium, large and extra-large.

  • Shoes, both men’s and women’s (Please no high heels or sandals. Think lots of walking and bicycle riding).

Thank you to a so-far anonymous partner. Our donations table was stacked high with new hats, socks, gloves and scarves as well as toys and school supplies for us to pass on to Kids in Transition. We pass on the gratitude of the many who will benefit from your planning, giving and delivery.

With gratitude for all of the Neighbors in Need team


For NiN leadership

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