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NiN Weekly Report + March 4, 2023

We were really and truly blessed to have the Mobile Dental Clinic with us this morning.

They served 9 of our Neighbors today for no cost dental care. That’s a very busy 6 hours in any dental office. In their outfitted van, they did extractions, fillings, and needs assessments exams. For our Neighbors need additional work, the Mobile Dental team referred each patient to the additional dental care that they need. This includes dentures. Several Neighbors who received their care came back into Trinity to tell us how kindly and gently they were treated. Yup! Truly a blessing.

Trinity’s resources team and breakfast team joined forces to serve a full breakfast as well as the beloved breakfast burritos. Scrambled eggs, sausage links, fruit cups and apple juice were gone in just a flash! Hot breakfast was truly welcome on such a cold and wet morning.

Special thanks to Katie and David who stepped in to serve in the clothing area. Many cold Neighbors were grateful for warmer coats and dry shoes.


Our counts are growing. Please think about serving our Neighbors. Even if you can only be with us for an hour (What else is there to do at 7 AM on a Saturday morning?), we will be grateful for your support and very happy to have your company. Please contact me (

Peace be with you,

Joan Jolly For NiN leaderhsip

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