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NiN Weekly Report - Oct 2, 2021

It was a day to “get lots of stuff done” on a a typically slow first Saturday of the month.

Our cooks handed out burritos to 21 Neighbors. Our burrito serving takes place in the hallway. Everyone is distant and safe to receive a hot burrito and condiments.

On a very cool morning, we had requests for jackets and warmer shoes. So many thanks to those of you who have donated these items. We put Christine to work labeling shoes by size.

Leaders of the Holy Rosary breakfast team stopped by to learn about burritos! It was one more encouraging event to tell us that we will be together soon.


  • Please continue to pray for Risa. She is making steady progress in healing after she was hit by a car. She keeps in touch with Larry Nilson.

  • Kevin asks us to pray with him for a peaceful life and financial security.

We wish peace and warmth to you and each of our Neighbors.

Joan Jolly

For NiN leadership

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