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NiN Weekly Report + October 7, 2023

It's the first weekend of the month which means we expect a slightly slower morning. This morning our higher counts continued. Our pantry served 66 grocery bags plus 3 family boxes.

Our sincere thanks to Trinity's breakfast team for preparing breakfast burritos for our ever larger crowd. We welcome Marsella to the team!! Marsella is a high school exchange student from Brazil. She is spending her year with Cathy and Tony Pittenger. She is, by the way, a skilled "burrito preparer." Marsella we look forward to seeing you often.


We desperately need toiletries for our Neighbors.

Here is a list:

  • soap (Liquid soap only please. Bar soap is messy in a backpack)

  • shampoo and conditioner (travel or smaller bottles, please. It's all about that back pack)

  • toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • razors

  • combs and/or small hair brushes

  • nail clippers

  • hand lotion

We'll place a bin to receive toiletries donations near the mailboxes in the Trinity narthex.

Additional needs:

  • We continue to need men's jeans in smaller sizes.

  • The nights are cooler. We need jackets and sweatshirts for both men and women.

  • We need shoes for both men and women.

Our clothing area was especially busy this morning. Our volunteer personal shoppers were surely ready for a nap by the end of the morning.

With gratitude to everyone Joan

For NiN leadership

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