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Weekly Report + December 16, 2023

It's almost Christmas! 🙂🙂

Our team from Holy Rosary opened this season of promise, blessing and sharing by bring gift bags to our Neighbors. Just look at the care they took to pack beautiful gift bags. Hot chocolate from a silver urn, friot juie and wrapped gifts are blessings that we take and share out of habit. Our Neighbors were so truly touched.

Our pantry was busy! They handed grocery bags is to more than 70 Neighbors. This team are master of connection. They remember our Neighbors and acknowledge that recognition by saying such things as "I know you like creamy peanut butter," "I know you like Greek Salad.  The food bank brought some today."  This is universal love.

Interesting that we had several new Neighbors this morning - mostly women. Our relationship volunteers who so genuinely introduce themselves and remember details from week to week, along with the pantry team,  are the reality of the purpose of Neighbors in Need.

A long story about a Neighbor who has been with us for our entire 13 years....... He is angry about property losses and Washington State property regulations. He has even made it onto local television news. Our listening table experts have the PATIENCE to listen at length to his "facts" and his opinions. They have taken their own mid-week time to research his issue. They have proved to this Neighbor to trust them to take the many steps that his formerly angry persona would never be able to manage. Oh Man!!! This is a huge test of our listening table team's patience.

Prayer requests

Renee is a new Neighbor. No doubt you have seen her sitting on various sidewalks throughout Lynnwood. She sits on sidewalks alongside three storage tubs, a rolling suitcase, and at least two garbage bags. She begs for our prayers for immediate housing. She trusts and asks for our prayers for immediate housing. Pray that the trust continues.

These are days on anticipation.  Rejoice!!


for NiN leadership

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