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Weekly Report + December 30, 2023

On this last Saturday of 2023 we served 50 Neighbors and 2 families. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the new year would see the end of need for our service?

Thank you to Nest Mission for a delicious full menu breakfast! Their team served sausages with gravy, rice, fresh fruit and a variety of juices. It was delicious! 

Also, a sincere thank you to Bill who is a big part of Korean Nest and a talented musician.  He played his guitar throughout the morning. His music definitely influences a calm atmosphere. We are grateful.

May Lancaster with Heroes' Cafe brought a full armload of new winter clothing. Thank you so much for your partnership and support of our Neighbors.

More bragging about James.............  He has accepted partnership with our resource team and with the City of Lynnwood's attorney. It is hard for each of us to practice "process" when our livelihood is at risk. Patient counsel offered him space to hear advice and to do his part to help himself. His healing and success is what encourages us to do what we do.

We wish you health, happiness and meaning throughout 2024.


and NiN leadership

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