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Weekly Report + January 14, 2023

There was a hint of a sunrise as we arrived at Trinity this morning. Even a few minutes of longer daylight are welcome and offer promise.

A beautiful part of our early mornings is a busy kitchen. Here is a photo of the team from Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation who prepared burritos this morning. Their chatting fellowship as they worked at the beginning of the day was so "life is good."

Our foods team gave bags of groceries to 30 Neighbors and to 2 families. Once again, this included Neighbors who were completely new to us. As well as “new to us” Neighbors, we are serving men and women we have not seen in several months. Clearly, our Neighbors still need our services and most certainly our friendship.

Our clothing bank is revitalized, reorganized, and busy serving. Take a look at this restored and well organized part of our Saturday mornings. The first table is men’s and women’s underwear and warm socks. The second table is men’s and women’s hats, scarves, and gloves. The third table (you just see a small part of the table) is blue jeans, all labeled by size. One hanging rack is women’s coats. The second is men’s coats. The labeled baskets? Those are all shoes and boots, separated and stored by size.

Peggy and Sue come into Trinity during the week to sort and label donations. Rick serves on Saturday mornings (often with visits from Sue and Peggy ) His organization and management provide peaceful shopping for one Neighbor at a time. So interesting that the tidiness and clear direction provide comfort and time efficient “shopping”.

Always needed: We never have enough men’s jeans (sizes 38 and smaller), men’s and women’s new underwear, gloves, and warm, water resistant jackets for both men and women.

Our volunteer team is smaller as our program remains limited by safety and health concerns. As we open up for services, we hope you will be open to volunteer or at least stop in to say hello. Please know that you are each in our prayers and that we are grateful for your supporting thoughts and prayers. We want soon to be welcoming you back!!

Joan Jolly

For NiN leadership

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