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NiN Weekly Report + January 28, 2023

It was an honor to host Point In Time Count volunteers this morning. They gave their Saturday morning to introduce themselves to our Neighbors and add to their total count. The number of homeless counted and details about their needs, dictates funding for shelter and services. This volunteer work is a definite step toward resolving our homelessness crisis. Thank you for being with us.

We served 27 Neighbors and 3 families this morning.

We have several partners to thank this morning:

  • Thank you to the team from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church for preparing burritos this morning. We had many requests for seconds

  • Thank you to Everett’s Assistance League for sending us two large bags of men’s blue jeans. We sure needed them. It was good to see David Gunderson when he delivered the jeans. He says his shoulder is healing well.

  • Thank you also to the anonymous partner that delivered 3 boxes of blankets, a box of hoodies, a box of warm shawls, and a box full of warm gloves.

  • Also thank you to the many of you who filled two large donation bins with coats, jeans, sweaters, etc.

  • We found all of these gifts on the morning before a series of super cold days. Thanks be to God for each neighbor of our Neighbors.

We wish you the blessings of warmth, health, and safety Joan Jolly For NiN leaderhsip

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