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Opus 4.

About the

The Pasi organ was designed and built for Trinity Lutheran Church by Martin Pasi Organ Builders of Roy, Washington, and was dedicated on April 23, 1995. It is a 29 stop, 2 manual, tracker instrument in a free standing black walnut case. The organ has suspended mechanical key action and mechanical stop action. More than 1600 pipes are arranged in 31 ranks. All pipes were made in the builder's shop. The metal pipes were made from a 97 percent lead-tin alloy and the wood pipes from poplar. Wind is supplied by a ¾ horsepower blower and one wedge shaped bellows. The pipe shades were designed by Kathryn Wold, and carved of white oak by the builder.

organ - keyboard.jpg


Principal 16’
Octave 8’
Salicional 8’
Rohrflöte 8’
Octave 4’
Spitzflöte 4’
Quint 3’
Superoctave 2’
Terz 1 3/5’
Mixtur IV 1 1/3’
Trompete 8’
Swell to Great


Violon 16’
Viola da Gamba 8'
Celeste 8’
Bourdon 8’
Principal 4’
Rohrflöte 4’
Nasard 3’
Waldflöte 2’
Tierce 1 3/5’
Mixtur III 1’
Dulcian 16’
Oboe 8’


Principal 16’
Subbass 16’
Octave 8’
Choralbass 4’
Posaune 16’
Trompete 8’
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Tremulant to entire organ
Temperament: Kellner


Crown Him With Many Crowns - M. McDonaldperformed by David Horton
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