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Council Meeting Highlights + March 21, 2022

Trinity's Congregation Council meets each 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend and observe. To speak at a meeting, or with other comments or questions, email the council:

Greetings from the Congregation Council!

Happy Spring! Well… we’re digging into the soil (figuratively speaking about faith formation), and replacing the roof above our heads (literally).

This month:

  • David Greenlee provided details on the 4th-Soil Parenting Project, in which Trinity was selected to receive training and support over the next 3 years to prepare to launch a parenting program that empowers parents to develop the faith life of their children

  • The construction and consulting contracts are being finalized for the roof replacement project, as well as the construction loan. Since these agreements will require formal approval from the congregation, keep an eye out for details on another special congregational meeting, as well as a forum proceeding the meeting where you can ask questions and learn more.

  • The Council discussed Trinity’s role and vision for growing leaders for God’s church. This will be an ongoing dialogue for the coming months.

  • We learned about the upcoming Synod Gathering, which differs from the Synod Assembly (which will be held last year). The Gathering is focused on learning opportunities. More details are available here:

  • A meeting is being planned with the Cold Weather Shelter for next month.

  • Pr. Hector reminded the Council that the Synod Assembly will take place next year, so the congregation will need to elect representatives. Also, the next election for Bishop will be in 2025.

Gratefully in God’s Spirit and with Deep Compassion, Your Church Council

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