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Invitation to Lent 3: "Praise the Mount"

Dear Siblings in Christ,

We begin the third week of our journey with Peter during this Lent. We continue to reflect on how our daily experiences are opportunities to figure out faith.

We have reflected on our call to be disciples who restore people to life and strength, even with our limitations. And, how our wandering hearts struggle at times of danger, yet we are called to step out with courage and confidence.  

This coming week we will reflect on articulating faith in a simple way which captivates the hearts of others and expands our own understanding of the power of testimony about who we are, who we are, and who Jesus is to us.  Like in a relationship we discover who the loved one is and how we are connected with each other through time.  

I invite to ponder the following questions and prepare for the Sunday gathering:

  1. Based on your experiences, describe the ways you think Jesus is misunderstood or misrepresented. In what ways do you perceive Jesus clearly?

  2. What are the “mountaintop” moments of your faith when you felt like God was close? Have you ever experienced spiritual euphoria? If so, what was that like?

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.  Blessings!

Your sibling and servant in Christ, 

Pastor Hector

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