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Neighbors in Need Report + May 18, 2024

Another record!  Our pantry served 80 Neighbors on Saturday. We acknowledge two unfortunate truths. Many of our Neighbors are old friends whom we have served for too many years. Second sad truth / we continue to see new faces every single Saturday.  

Our numbers make us sad, but your generosity gives us physical and spiritual support.😊 

  • Thank you to Holy Rosary Catholic Church for preparing burritos and providing fresh orange juice for our ever larger crowd.

  • Again thank you to the congregation at Holy Rosary Catholic Church for three very large bags of blue jeans.  

  • Another thank you for clothing! Thank you to Michelle and her family for four very large bags of men's jeans.  

  • Thank you to Jean Kim Foundation's Hygiene Center for donating travel size toiletries.  We had been completely out.

  • Thank you to the NiN resource team for helping Neighbors to fill out applications for Volunteers of America Housing. The applications are necessarily detailed. Our patient resource team have enabled several Neighbors to become qualified for shelter.

  • Edmonds Food Bank / Every single week they supply bins of non-perishable foods, plus fresh salads and fruits that they glean from Trader Joe's.

  • Thank you to Advocatees Recovery Services/ Tony is the best gleaner ever!  He comes every Saturday with fresh hoagy sandwiches, coffee, paper cups, pastries, and always additional welcome surprises.

  • Franz Bakery / Jude stops by her nearby Franz bakery outlet for several dozen loaves of bread, various rolls and sandwich buns, and a generous supply of cookies.


  1. Volunteers / Summer should mean vacation travel.  Our volunteers will need occasional weekends to dedicate to their families.  Do you have one or two weekends to serve?  We can offer you meaningful work and very fun company.

  2. Clothing / We always need clothing, especially men's jeans in smaller sizes.  We also need both men's and women's shoes that are comfortable walking shoes.

  3. Toiletries / As you travel, please collect the personal size toiletries that are offered by host businesses.  They are perfect for our Neighbors.

Prayer requests

Prayers of thanks for Sherie who moved into a studio apartment this week after 12 years on the streets.  The first two nights, she returned to her tent because shelter was so "strange".  The is now able to stay inside at night, but is sleepy on the floor until she can adjust to sleeping on a mattress.

Prayers for Jeremy who entered detox on Saturday.  He asks for courage to endure the next very hard weeks.

We wish you health and peace,


for NiN leadership

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