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NiN Weekly Report + September 30, 2023

Toasted cheese sandwiches, bacon, fresh grapes, tomato basil soup and/or chicken noodle soup, plus a wide variety of beverages. How's that for brunch on a chilly, fall morning? Thanks so much to the breakfast team from Nest Mission for your company and for the delicious start to our day.

Our pantry team supplied groceries to 55 Neighbors and family boxes to 2 Neighbor families. Thank you to Advocates Recovery for hoagie sandwiches and to Edmonds food bank for adding fresh salads and fruit to their gifts to our Neighbors.


If you can help with any of the following requests, please let me know.

  1. An RV to rent out for a few months. A Neighbor couple who live in their car are expecting a baby in the next month. They can pay rent for an RV and have an available space to park it.

  2. Winter weight jackets, jeans, and sweatshirts. The cold weather is here!

  3. Cash donations. We can buy large quantity packs of hand warmers and rain ponchos at a generous discount. Can you contribute toward this?

  4. Do you enjoy crocheting? We have been offered a huge supply of crocheted granny squares that need to be assembled into blankets. Is this a project that would appeal to you?

  5. Again, are you planning a giving tree or clothing/food drive during the holiday season? Please consider helping our Neighbors.

Thanks to everyone for your care, your prayers, and your time. We make a powerful team. We wish you peace, Joan

For NiN leadership

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