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Neighbors in Need Report + March 2, 2024

What do you think? If you had been sleeping outside for a couple of years and, at long last, were tucked into your very own apartment, wouldn't these slippers just be a comfy part of your happiness?

Sincere thanks to whoever donated them.

Remember that we need men's clothes. Our clothing bank is begging for men's jeans in small sizes ( 30, 32, 34 or 36 waist) and for men's underwear. Amazon offers a 6 pack of men's Hanes boxer briefs for $3.30 pair. Thanks so much for considering helping.

To quote one of our long term, experienced volunteers, the day was crazy. The multi-purpose room was completely full for the entire morning. We are all grateful that everyone was in a happy mood and peacefully shared the crowded space.

We had special guest volunteers this morning. 9 members of Northwest Church were with us to help cook, serve in the pantry, sort clothing and to visit with our Neighbors. We all truly enjoyed their company, both Neighbors and volunteers. Please come back soon.

Very special thanks to the Trinity breakfast team. Cathy, Marsella and John guided brand new guest volunteers to prepare and serve a full breakfast and, of course, breakfast burritos.  

Nurse Gail with Mercy Watch was with us today. She also had a busy day. She cared for a dozen Neighbors, tending wounds, aches and pains, and just plain old "I don't feel good" complaints. We are grateful for her care.

It was a good day.

We wish you peace,


with NiN leadership

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