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Neighbors in Need Report + March 9, 2024

They are usually in and out so quickly that we miss getting a picture. We caught them today!  Many thanks to the team from Edmonds Universalist Unitarian Church for preparing burritos and for donating cheese, cereals, oranges and tuna. Our Neighbors are  grateful.

We finally got a picture of Tony with Advocates Recovery Services! He's with us every single Saturday morning to donate coffee, pastries, hoagie sandwiches and frequently brings clothing. He spends the rest of the morning making coffee and carrying the heavy urns back and forth. THANK YOU, TONY!!  Thank you to Advocates Recovery for sharing you with us.

And additional gratitude for Advocates Recovery Services for their medical care. Sheila was busy this morning with wound care, winter illness symptoms and especially a severely infected leg.  

Our pantry gave bags of groceries to 65 Neighbors, family boxes to 2 and dog food to 1.


  • We ask for prayers today for the friends and family of Daryl Bertsch. Daryl and his partner had been regular Neighbors for several years. He was killed in a vehicle accident last Sunday afternoon. Daryl leaves his mom, his sister, and his daughter as well as his partner.

  • Also offer prayers of thanks for medical care for Sherrie.  She has been hospitalized with pneumonia and will remain in the hospital for at least another week.  She is truly proud of her improving health. 

Thank You

Thank you to Robin, Sharon and David. They manage the very busy coffee & burrito serving table. They took the time this morning to have neighbors and volunteers sign a card for Sherrie.  She was so touched!!!

Our resource table is still helping Neighbors fill out housing applications for Volunteers of America. This requires an invasive interview that they handle with loving grace. It sure does feel good to be part of a potentially life-changing process. Tom, Mark and Sue have just the right "touch".

The Trinity volunteer team will be serving breakfast burritos at Trinity's Lent "Simple Supper" this Wednesday evening at 5:30. Come be our guest! It's your opportunity to be loved like a Neighbor

We wish you peace,


for NiN leadership

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