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WAY Parents & Leaders

walking with.


Our role with you: 

WAY Student Ministries aims to come alongside parents and join them in the faith forming process with children. We provide weekly youth nights and other experiences intended to give kids experiences that help them to wrestle with questions of faith and to find their roles in partnership with God. 

What if I need assistance with finances for trips and retreats? 

Talk to David about scholarships. We have a fund to help cover most of the costs. Email for more information.


I'm interested in serving!

Adult staff are at the foundation of how we do ministry. Did you know that for a teenager to feel like a church is "home," they need at least 7 adults at church who know their name and know a bit about their life? 

We couldn't do what we do without our faithful adult staff! They lead NET small groups, go to Winter Retreat, and do so much more. 

If you're interested in learning how to become volunteer staff, contact David. Let us know what you'd like to get involved with, then we'll schedule some time for you to come visit and see us in action. We'll want to know your commitment level and what ministry you feel drawn to. 

A background check will be required. 

I need some resources to help me in crisis situations...

We are working on cultivating a resources page just for parents. We know it's hard to raise teenagers! For now, check the Resources page and Crisis Care info.

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